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Chapter 1
- Introduction
Chapter 2
- History
Chapter 3 - Organizing
Chapter 4 - Care
Chapter 5 - Future
Chapter 6
- Giving Back
Chapter 7 - Joining

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Capítulo 1 - Introducción
Capítulo 2 - Historia
Capítulo 3 - Ordenación
Capítulo 4 - Cuidado
Capítulo 5 - Futuro
Capítulo 6 - Donante detrás
Capítulo 7 - El unirse a 
Join The Teamsters Family

Joining the Teamsters allows you to have a voice in how you are treated at work. As a Teamster member, you are part of 1.4 million working men and women and their families fighting to improve working conditions at your workplace and around the nation. The Teamsters are a family, along with 400,000 Teamster retirees in the United States and Canada. You will always have the support and strength of your union sisters and brothers. Your union is a democratic organization, where the members have the right to elect their leaders, and decide the union's policies.