Online Union Dues Payments for Tradeshow Members

To be eligible to be referred for work, Tradeshow Member Union Dues must be processed online and authorized by the member's financial institution before 11:30am on the day prior to being eligible for referral to work.

**example dues payments received by Monday at 11:29am would make the member eligible to be referred for work on Tuesday.

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Tradeshow Members - Click here for step by step instrucions on how to pay your dues online.


NEW! Teamsters Local 25 Movie Division Online Dues Portal

The "Dues Reference Number" should be entered in the box below that is labeled "Referral Number".

The "Dues Reference Number" is an arbitrary number generated solely for verification and security with the Online Dues Portal.

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Tradeshow Referral List
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Tradeshow Payroll Forms
Download each form below.
1. 2018 W4 form
2. 2018 I9 form
3. Sample 2018 I9 form showing how to properly fill out.